• Fireclay

    Fireclay mortars are used most predominately when laying insulating fire brick as well as high alumina brick.  They work well in medium temperatures and overall a well-rounded product to lay blast furnace brick.  Cer-Met, Inc. offers a variety of fireclay mortars in both dry and wet mixes. 

  • Alumina

    High-Alumina Mortars are used specifically in extremely high temperature refractory applications.  Included in this category are Phosphate-bonded mortars which have high refractoriness.  This type of mortar is used with High-Alumina brick. 

  • Basic

    Often used with Basic Brick, Basic mortar has excellent resistance to corrosion in many refractory applications.  Basic mortar can be used with all four types of brick and can also provide the final bond between regular firebrick and acid proof brick.

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