• Metal Anchors

    Monolithic refractories are often chosen due to their ease in installing in different refractory applications.  However, Metal anchors are required to set and stabilize the monolithic refractory.  Anchor selection is job specific and matched to the conditions in which the refractory will operate.  Cer-Met, Inc. carries a supply of the following metal anchors and will be able to answer all customer questions.

  • Ceramic Anchors 

    Under different conditions Ceramic Anchors are needed to complete different refractory applications.  Ceramics are often used alongside metal components to anchor ceramic fiber in installation.  These anchors provide the necessary support to install a well designed heat enclosure.

  • Calcium SILICATE Insulation

    Calcium Silicate insulation provides great mechanical strength, good heat resistance and excellent thermal insulation properties.  It comes as board, block or pipe fittings and can be easily customized to specifications needed for different applications. 

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